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Geographical distribution, tree density and fruit production of tamarindus indica l. (caesalpinioideae) in three ecological regions of benin

Article, Ajoutée le 26/09/2016 10:45

Introduction. There has been increasing interest in the domestication potential of indigenous fruit trees. Nevertheless, our understanding of how these species' abundance and yield of fruit is altered by ecological conditions, which is critical to fo [...]

B. Fandohan [1], A. E. Assogbadjo [1], R. Glèlè Kakaï [1], B. Sinsin [1]

Provenance variation in fruit characteristics, seed germination and seedling growth dynamic of the multipurpose baobab tree (adansonia digitata l.) in benin (west africa).

Article, Ajoutée le 26/09/2016 10:10

Adansonia digitata (baobab tree), a multipurpose tree species, occurs throughout semi-arid and arid zones of Africa. Its survival is, however, threatened by bush fire, over-exploitation, grazing and a lack of natural regeneration. The extent of variat [...]

A.E. Assogbadjo [1], R. Glèlè Kakaï [1], S. Edon [1], T. Kyndt [2], B. Sinsin [1]

Forest degradation and invasive species synergistically impact mimusops andongensis (sapotaceae) in lama forest reserve, benin

Article, Ajoutée le 26/09/2016 09:24

Harvesting of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) can threaten target species, especially those with limited distribution and density. Exploited species also face threats from habitat fragmentation, fire, and invasive species. We assessed the impact o [...]

G. K. S. Sinasson [1,3], C. M. Shackleton [1], R.L. Glèlè Kakaï [1], B. Sinsin [1]

Use of raffias’ species (raphia spp.) and its impact on socioeconomic characteristics of harvesters in benin (west africa)

Article, Ajoutée le 24/09/2016 10:50

Raffias’ species are used in handcrafts, constructions, food processing etc. But in Benin, any quantitative ethnobotanical study was not evaluated for their use and socioeconomic impact of uses on average income. This study investigate [...]

M.T. Donou Hounsodé [1], T. Houéhanou [1,2], A. E. Assogbadjo [1,2], R. L. Glèlè Kakaï [1], C. Agbangla [3]

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