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Variation in hyphaene thebaica mart. fruit: physical characteristics and factors affecting seed germination and seedling growth in benin (west africa)

Article, Ajoutée le 22/09/2016 22:36

Hyphaene thebaica (dum palm) is an important tree species that grows wild in the semi-arid regions of tropical Africa. Increased knowledge on the effect of stress on the propagation and establishment of these plants is needed to optimise its domestic [...]


Synthèse bibliographique sur l’alimentation, la consommation et la digestibilité alimentaire chez le grand aulacode (thryonomys swinderianus)

Article, Ajoutée le 22/09/2016 22:25

Le grand aulacode (Thryonomys swinderianus) est un mammifère rongeur hystricomorphe phytophage. De tous les rongeurs en Afrique, l’aulacode est le plus gros après le porc-épic (Histix cristata). Dans son biotope, il subit des pressio [...]


Traditional knowledge and use value of bamboo in southeastern benin: implications for sustainable management

Article, Ajoutée le 22/09/2016 22:03

Traditional knowledge (TK), use, and economical values of three bamboo species—Oxytenanthera abys- sinica (A.Rich.) Munro, Bambusa vulgaris Schrad. ex J.C.Wendl., and Dendrocalamus asper (Schult. & Schult. f.) Backer ex K.Heyne [...]

H. Honfo [1], F. C. Tovissodé [1], C. Gnanglè [1], S. Mensah [1], V. K. Salako [1], A. E. Assogbadjo [1], C. Agbangla [3], and R. Glèlè Kakaï [1]

Impact of climate on seed morphology and plant growth of caesalpinia bonduc l. in west africa

Article, Ajoutée le 22/09/2016 21:27

Caesalpinia bonduc L. is an important medicinal plant threatened by overexploitation. In the present study, the impact of climate on seed morphology, germination capacity, seedling and plant growth of C. bonduc were evaluated. A to [...]

E. A. Padonou [1], O. D. Ahossou [1], F. O.Y. Okou [1], A .E. Assogbadjo [1], R. Glèlè Kakaï [2], A. M. Lykke [3], B. Sinsin [1]

Spatial distribution of bowal and differences in physicochemical characteristics between bowal and woodland soils in benin, west africa

Article, Ajoutée le 22/09/2016 20:56

Bowal, is degraded land surface characterized by ferricrete exposure due to soil surface erosion. This study aims at assessing the spatial distribution of bowé in Benin and the physicochemical differences between bowé and soil of adjacent woodlands [...]

E. A. Padonou [1], Y. Bachmann [2], R. Glèlè Kakaï [1], A. M. Lykke [3], B. Sinsin [1]

Population structure of two bamboo species in relation to topographical units in the republic of benin (west africa): implications for sustainable management

Article, Ajoutée le 22/09/2016 20:11

A study was carried out in two phytodistricts (Ouémé-valley and Plateau) to assess the population structure of two bamboo species (Oxytenanthera abyssinica (A. Rich.) Munro and Bambusa vulgaris Schrad. ex J.C. Wendl. in two topographical units: p [...]

F.C. Tovissodé [1], H.S. Honfo [1], V.K. Salako [1], C.P. Gnanglè [2], S. Mensah [1] and R. Glèlè Kakaï [1]

Ecological consequences of anthropogenic pressure in wari-maro forest reserve (benin, west africa)

Article, Ajoutée le 22/09/2016 19:08

This study assessed ecological consequences of anthropogenic pressure in Wari-Maro Forest Reserve (WMFR). First, the dynamics of the forest cover was assessed using a diachronic analysis of land cover maps from Landsat images of 1986, 1995 and 200 [...]

A. G. AMAGNIDE [1], V. SALAKO [1], M.H. DONOU [1], F. SINSIN [3], V. ORÉKAN [4], C. DAN [2], R. GLÈLÈ KAKAÏ [1]

Morphological variation, cultivation techniques and management practices of moringa oleifera in southern benin (west africa)

Article, Ajoutée le 22/09/2016 12:43

This study examined the phenotypic variation and the modalities for integrating Moringa oleifera in agroforestry systems in southern Benin in order to contribute to sustainable management of the species. Morphological characterizati [...]

E. E. Agoyi [1,2], E. A. Padonou [1], W. Amoussa [3], A. E. Assogbadjo [1], R. Glèlè Kakaï [4], B. Sinsin [1]

Trade-offs of flowering and maturity synchronisation for pineapple quality

Article, Ajoutée le 20/09/2016 18:15

In the pineapple sector of Benin, poor fruit quality prevents pineapple producers to enter the European market. We investigated effects of common cultural practices, flowering and maturity synchronisation, (1) to quantify the trade-offs of flowerin [...]

V.N. Fassinou Hotegni, W.J.M. Lommen, E.K. Agbossou, and P.C. Struik

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