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MEDENOU DATON [1], Iliev Ivo [2], Kounouhewa Basile [3], Houessouvo Roland C. [4], Adedjouma A. Sèmiyou [5], Adeyinka Michael [6],

Physical laws are reliable means of data processing techniques and particularly in medical engi- neering. Specifically, biological objects demand a d [...]

Article, Ajoutée le 11/02/2017 12:50

Remote monitoring of patients of Cardiology Department of the Benin National Teaching University Hospital (CNHU-HKM)

MEDENOU DATON [1], ADEDJOUMA Sèmiyou A. [2], TANDJE S. H. Arsène [3],

The remote monitoring system for patients aims to provide better aftercare for them through an easy system scalable and adapted to the socio-economi [...]

Article, Ajoutée le 11/02/2017 15:00

Conception et Réalisation d’une Toupie Electronique Pour la Vérification du Temps d'Exposition en Radiographie Médicale

MEDENOU DATON [1], BOHOUN C. Patrice [2], KOGUI B. Serge [3], HOUESSOUVO C. Roland [4],

Une démarche qualité en radiographie médicale consiste à vérifier la précision du calibrage des facteurs techniques dont le temps d’exposition du gén [...]

Article, Ajoutée le 11/02/2017 15:40

Developing a Dynamic Register of Security Quality and Maintenance for Medical Devices

Houessouvo C. R. [1], MEDENOU DATON [2], DEGAN GÉRARD [3],

The traceability of operating actions of medical devices requires a management system under the responsibility of biomedical professionals who need t [...]

Article, Ajoutée le 11/02/2017 16:59

The root causes of ineffective and inefficient healthcare technology management in Benin public health sector

Houngbo Pamphile Thierry [1], Zweekhorst Marjolein [2], Bunders Joske [3], Coleman Harry Laurence Selby [4], MEDENOU DATON [5], Dakpanon Laurent [6], De Cock Buning Tjard [7],

This study aims to identify the root causes and solutions of main problems facing Healthcare Technology Management in Benin's public health sector. C [...]

Article, Ajoutée le 19/04/2018 12:05

The impact of Bénin's first public procurement code and its amendment on healthcare equipment acquisition prices

Houngbo P.T. [1], KISHNA Maikel [2], Zweekhorst Marjolein [3], MEDENOU DATON [4], BUNDER- AELEN J. F. G. [5],

Purpose To satisfy donors and reduce public procurement acquisition prices, Benin has implemented and amended its first public procurement code guide [...]

Article, Ajoutée le 24/08/2019 12:18

Donation of medical devices in low-income countries: preliminary results from field studies

PIAGGIO Davide [1], MEDENOU DATON [2], Houessouvo Roland C. [3], PECCHIA Léandro [4],

Most of the world population is being treated in low-income countries, where there are not only harsh environmental conditions but also a failure to m [...]

Article, Ajoutée le 24/08/2019 13:20

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