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Population structure of the widespread species, anogeissus leiocarpa (dc.) guill. & perr. across the climatic gradient in west africa semi-arid area

Article, Ajoutée le 23/09/2016 16:26

In the climate change context, widely distributed plant species can serve as relevant barometers of ecosystems' sensitivity or resilience to disturbances. This study aimed at assessing the population structure and individual morphological traits of [...]

A. Ouédraogo [1], R. Glèlè Kakaï [b], A. Thiombiano [1]

Efficiency of inventory plot patterns in quantitative analysis of vegetation: a case study of tropical woodland and dense forest in benin

Article, Ajoutée le 23/09/2016 16:04

The main issue in forest inventory is the reliability of data collected, which depends on the shape and size of inventoried plots. There is also a need for harmonisation of inventoried plot patterns in West Africa. [...]

V. K. Salako [1], R. L. Glele Kakaï [1] , A.E. Assogbadjo [1] B. Fandohan [1,2], M. Houinato [1] & R. Palm [3]

Biodiversity conservation in home gardens: traditional knowledge, use patterns and implications for management

Article, Ajoutée le 23/09/2016 10:37

There is increasing interest in home gardens (HGs) as biodiversity hot spots. However, knowledge on how sociocultural characteristics and environment influence knowledge and management of HG species is still limited. Eliciting these links helps ill [...]

R. Idohou [1], B. Fandohan [1,2,3], V. K. Salako [1], B. Kassa [1], R. C. Gbèdomon [1], H. Yédomonhan [1], R. L. Glèlè Kakaï [1] & A. E. Assogbadjo [1]

Effect of human disturbance and climatic variability on the population structure of afzelia africana sm. ex pers. (fabaceae–caesalpinioideae) at country broad-scale (bénin, west africa)

Article, Ajoutée le 23/09/2016 10:15

Anthropogenic disturbances and climatic variations are presumed to alter species population structures. In this study, we assessed the population structure of the endangered species, Afzelia africana across gradients of climate and human disturbanc [...]

S. Mensah [1], T. D.Houehanou [1], E. A. Sogbohossou [2], A. E. Assogbadjo [2], R. Glèlè Kakaï [1]

Impacts of the diversity of traditional uses and potential economic value on food tree species conservation status: case study of african bush mango trees (irvingiaceae) in the dahomey gap (west africa).

Article, Ajoutée le 23/09/2016 09:49

Background and aims – Bitter and sweet African bush mango trees belong to the family Irvingiaceae and produce valuable non-timber forest products in humid lowland areas of West and Central Africa. The bitter and sweet types are treated as distinc [...]

R. Vihotogbé [1,2], R. Glèlè Kakaï [2], F. Bongers [3], T. van Andel [4], R. G. van den Berg [1], B. Sinsin [2] & M. S.M. Sosef [1]

Endogenous knowledge and human disturbance impact on abundance of two underutilized wild edible tree species in southern benin

Article, Ajoutée le 23/09/2016 09:26

This study assessed endogenous knowledge and impact of human disturbance on the abundance of two underutilized wild fruit tree species: Drypetes floribunda (Mu¨ll. Arg.) Hutch. (Euphorbiaceae) and Mimusops andongensis Hiern. (Sapotaceae) in the Lama [...]

E. T. Vitoule [1], T. Houehanou [1], B. Kassa [1], A. E. Assogbadjo [1], R. Glèlè Kakaï [2], J. Djego [1], B. Sinsin [1]

Climate and potential habitat suitability for cultivation and in situ conservation of the black plum (vitex doniana sweet) in benin, west africa

Article, Ajoutée le 22/09/2016 23:57

Sustainable management actions are needed for several indigenous agro forestry plant species like the black plum (Vitex doniana Sweet) because they are facing increasing pressures due to the rapid human growth and thr [...]

A. Hounkpèvi [1,2], F. Tosso [3,4], D. S. J. Gbèmavo [1], E. K. Kouassi [5], D. Koné [2], R. Glèlè Kakaï [1]

Variation in hyphaene thebaica mart. fruit: physical characteristics and factors affecting seed germination and seedling growth in benin (west africa)

Article, Ajoutée le 22/09/2016 22:36

Hyphaene thebaica (dum palm) is an important tree species that grows wild in the semi-arid regions of tropical Africa. Increased knowledge on the effect of stress on the propagation and establishment of these plants is needed to optimise its domestic [...]


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