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Morphological variation, cultivation techniques and management practices of moringa oleifera in southern benin (west africa)

Article, Ajoutée le 22/09/2016 12:43

This study examined the phenotypic variation and the modalities for integrating Moringa oleifera in agroforestry systems in southern Benin in order to contribute to sustainable management of the species. Morphological characterizati [...]

E. E. Agoyi [1,2], E. A. Padonou [1], W. Amoussa [3], A. E. Assogbadjo [1], R. Glèlè Kakaï [4], B. Sinsin [1]

Understanding the effects of slip pruning on pineapple fruit quality

Article, Ajoutée le 20/09/2016 18:30

Pineapple fruit quality is important especially when fruits are exported to international markets. Fruits should meet minimum requirements such as a weight of at least 0.7 kg, a ratio between the crown length and infructescence (fruit without the [...]

V.N. Fassinou Hotegni, W.J.M. Lommen, E.K. Agbossou and P.C. Struik

Trade-offs of flowering and maturity synchronisation for pineapple quality

Article, Ajoutée le 20/09/2016 18:15

In the pineapple sector of Benin, poor fruit quality prevents pineapple producers to enter the European market. We investigated effects of common cultural practices, flowering and maturity synchronisation, (1) to quantify the trade-offs of flowerin [...]

V.N. Fassinou Hotegni, W.J.M. Lommen, E.K. Agbossou, and P.C. Struik

Drivers of conservation and utilization of pineapple genetic resources in benin

Article, Ajoutée le 20/09/2016 17:18

Valuation of farmer knowledge has been seen as a route to promote sustainable use of plant genetic resources. In pineapple production systems in Benin, inadequate knowledge of cultivation practices can lead to a number of inconveniences including a [...]

E.G. Achigan-Dako, A.C. Abike, S. N’Danikou, V.N. Fassinou Hotegni, C. Agbangla, and A. Ahanchédé

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