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[ Article ] Assessment of the Physico-Chemical Pollution of a Water Body in a Perspective of Integrated Water Resource Management: Case Study of Nokoué Lake

Date de soumission: 11-01-2017
Année de Publication: 2016
Entité/Laboratoire Autres Laboratoires
Document type : Article
Discipline(s) : Chimie
Titre Assessment of the Physico-Chemical Pollution of a Water Body in a Perspective of Integrated Water Resource Management: Case Study of Nokoué Lake
Auteurs ZANDAGBA Josué [1], ADANDEDJI Firmin M. [2], MAMA DAOUDA [3], CHABI Amédée [4], AFOUDA ABEL [5],
Journal: J our na l of E nvir o nme ntal P r ote c tion
Catégorie Journal: Internationale
Impact factor: 0
Volume Journal: 7
Resume Nokoué Lake is the most important surface of brackish waters of Benin and one of the biggest West African lagoons, in point of view of its surface (about 150 km2), its productivity and exploitation. The aim of this study is to monitor the temporal and spatial variation of physico-chemical parameters of Nokoué lake water for its sustainable management. A total of twenty (20) points of sampling have been followed during a period of one year. The results of the monitoring reveal low dissolved oxygen and high concentration in phosphorus and chlorophyll a, sign of eutrophication. In addition, nutrient concentrations (nitrites, phosphates, nitrates) responsible for the phenome- non compared to water quality assessment grid of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, (OECD) used to classify the waters in the range of hyper-eutrophic waters characterized by the proliferation of aquatic plants. So some measures have been proposed to remediate to this pollution in order to an integrated management.
Mots clés Water, Eutrophication, Nutrients, Nokoué Lake, Pollution
Pages 656 - 669

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