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[ Article ] potential impact of Variability of Cyanogenic Cassava Chips: Cas Population of the Department of hills in Benin

Date de soumission: 07-02-2018
Année de Publication: 2016
Entité/Laboratoire Laboratoire de Biomembranes et Signalisation Cellulaire (LBSC)
Document type : Article
Discipline(s) : Pharmacie, Pharmacologie & Toxicologie
Titre potential impact of Variability of Cyanogenic Cassava Chips: Cas Population of the Department of hills in Benin
Auteurs TOKOUDAGBA J.-M. [0], Sangaré Machioud [0], SEZAN ALPHONSE [0],
Journal: International Journal of Research in Pharmacy and Biosciences
Catégorie Journal: Internationale
Impact factor: 0
Volume Journal: 3
Resume Cassava is a major source of food energy for the people of Hills Department is consumed in the form of dried cassava chips. But most of these chips still contain a significant amount of linamarin which a once ingested shydol. Cyanide has obvious goitrogenic properties. The cassava chips cyanide levels sold in most department markets varies between 20 and 100 mg of HCN per kg. These rates are indicative of exposure to cyanide poisoning under the FAO / WHO safety standard which is 10mg per kg of dry weight. The mean urinary thiocyanate in children of school age, both in households with goiter and households without goiter is above the threshold limit no risk of goitre is 100 micromoles per liter (WHO) [3]; 1054.3 +/- 667.3 respectively and 891.6 +/- 608.9 at the beginning of the study that is to say in July and 153.1 +/- 130.7 passes and 137 6 + / 108.4 a year later. Furthermore the period from June to July is the lean period during which food availability is poor both in quality and diversity.
Mots clés Cassava, Cyanide, goitre, thiocyanate
Pages 22 - 33

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