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[ Article ] Socioprofessional reinsertion of people with disabilities in the 2010 earthquake in Port-au-Prince: the case of office auxiliaries

Date de soumission: 20-02-2019
Année de Publication: 2018
Document type : Article
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Titre Socioprofessional reinsertion of people with disabilities in the 2010 earthquake in Port-au-Prince: the case of office auxiliaries
Auteurs BIGA BOUKARY MOHAMED [1], AHONNON Adolphe [2], EDOH K. Pierrot [3], Annexile Jimitry [4],
Journal: International Journal of Current Innovations in Advanced Research
Catégorie Journal: Internationale
Impact factor: 1.88
Volume Journal: 1
Resume Since the seism which has occurred on January 12, 2010 in Haiti, the town of Port-au-Prince shelters a group of people coming from auxiliary category socioprofessional who are confronted with the problem of socio-professional reintegration following their driving handicap. This present study has as a general objective to detect the principal causes which explain their difficulty of socio-professional reintegration. It is about one at the same time qualitative and quantitative study which goes on 85 subjects including 80 driving handicapped people and 05 persons in charge for associations and establishments working in the field of the handicap and socio-professional insertion. The results obtained reveal that 93.75% admit that there is a relation between the social perception of the physical handicap and their exclusion of the labour market. It is what undoubtedly explains the fact that 91.25% of surveyed never tried to deposit their files to take down a workstation, in spite of their wanting. Then, with regard to the socioprofessional accompaniment, 96.25% of the subjects affirm the inexistence of structure of socio-professional accompaniment as being another major problem. With that other difficulties are added, such as: means of displacement, financial means and information. So it falls on the authorities concerned to make efforts necessary to the socio-professional reintegration of these agents (auxiliary of office) become handicapped engines following the seism at Port-au-Prince.
Mots clés Reintegration, social perception, accompaniment, auxiliary of office, people handicapped motor
Pages 1 - 17
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