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[ Article ] Haspin: a promising target for the design of inhibators as potent anticancers drugs

Date de soumission: 21-05-2019
Année de Publication: 2017
Entité/Laboratoire Laboratoire d'hématologie (LH)
Document type : Article
Discipline(s) : Immulogie & maladie infectueuse
Titre Haspin: a promising target for the design of inhibators as potent anticancers drugs
Auteurs AMOUSSOU NATHALIE GISELE [1], BIGOT KOFFI ANDRÉ [2], Roussakis CHRISTOS [3], Robert Jean-Michel H. [4],
Journal: Drug Dlseovery TodaY
Catégorie Journal: Internationale
Impact factor: 0
Volume Journal: 0
Resume Protein kinases constitute a large group of enzymes in eukaryotes and have an important role in many cellular processes. Several of these proteins are active kinases, such as haploid germ cell-specific nudear protein kinase (Haspin), an atypical eukaryotic protein kinase that lacks sequence similarity with other eukaryotic protein kinases. Haspin is a serine/threonine kinase that associa tes with chromosome and phosphorylates threonine 3 of histone 3 during mitosis. Haspin overexpression or deletion results in defective mitosis. It has been shown that Haspin inhibitors have potent anti-tumoral effects. Given that the only Haspin substrate is threonine 3 of histone 3, inhibition of Haspin might have fewer adverse QZ effects compared with XXXX. Here, we highlight the chemical structures and actions of currently known Haspin inhibitoTs.
Mots clés Haspin, inhibators , anticancers , drugs
Pages 1 - 7
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